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  • Dr.
    Henry N. Jenkins

    Dr. Henry N. Jenkins, Jr. is a licensed Chiropractor in the Commonwealth of Virginia and District of Columbia. A 2007 graduate of Life University, Dr. Jenkins has been treating patients for various muscular and spinal ailments in the District of Columbia for several years.  He has worked in several clinical environments, each presenting a different area of specialty and cooperation with other law, medical, neurological and orthopedic professionals.Dr. Henry uses several techniques to help his patients.  His unique protocols in the Diversified, Activator, S.O.T, Thompson and Extremity Adjusting Techniques ensure that each patient gets realistic functional results and pain reduction. Dr. Jenkins has had the unique opportunity to treat patients from the ages 2 to 102, for a variety of issues. Among them, motor vehicular accidents, trigeminal neuralgia, occipital neuritis,  headaches, TMJ pain, (IT) iliotibial band contractures, pregnancy related pelvic dysfunction, costochondritis, frozen shoulder balance and foot/gait issues. The spinal adjustment is truly the most powerful aid to health and a pain free lifestyle; at Paradigm Chiropractic and Performance you will receive the best therapy, guaranteed!We are still ecstatic to bring our specific brand of Chiropractic and Rehabilitation to Eastern Market and the Capitol Hill Market for the past 6 years! We dedicated to growing with the community and establishing a patient oriented health center that Dr. Jenkins has envisioned his entire professional career. Our patients are our health partners and your 'ACTIVE' participation is the key to our success.

  • Dr.
    Alex Ruth

    In 2013, Dr. Alex Ruth began his journey in chiropractic as an undergraduate Kinesiology intern from the University of Maryland, College Park, with Paradigm. This experience inspired his decision to enter Chiropractic with Life University. Fast forward to 6 years later, he has completed his course work at Life University's College of Chiropractic and has come full circle back to Paradigm Chiropractic. 
                    During his time in school, Dr. Alex was responsible for training over 100 other students in the fundamentals of chiropractic adjusting with the chiropractic fraternity. He has attended more than 30 chiropractic seminars outside of the required academic curriculum with a focus in extremities, techniques and adjusting. Alex puts his performance as a chiropractor above all else. Additionally, Dr. Alex annually volunteers in a humanitarian group, Vitalistic Masters, that serves chiropractic abroad to Baja, Mexico where he adjusts over 50 people per day for one week.
                    Dr. Ruth’s mantra is 'I believe in a gentle and compassionate approach to helping others achieve their full potential.'
                    From patients with chronic ailments and injuries to elite level athletes, Dr. Alex has something to offer people at every point along the spectrum of wellness.
    Please help us welcome him to Paradigm Chiropractic!!!

  • Dr.
    Rozana Sharma

    Dr. Rozana hails from a family of allopathic physicians. Her Mom is a pediatrician; Dad and brother are both dentists. “My dad, Dr. Ali, practiced in Brevard County, FL. for nearly 30 years. During his time in private practice, I was lucky to work with him for 12 of those years. It was through working with him that I learned my bedside manner. He taught me that a doctor could be down-to-earth and still be professional. My mother gave me the drive and ethics I needed to succeed in Medicine. Being the only non-allopathic physician rounded out the family dynamics.“

    “I chose chiropractic medicine as a profession because I am an injured patient myself. Having suffered a car accident 20 years ago, I deal with a chronic neck injury. My options were surgical intervention or care through alternative medicine; chiropractic, nutrition, physical therapy and acupuncture. Dr. Laura Vasallo of Natural Approach Acupuncture and Massage Center introduced acupuncture to me. Acupuncture broke the pain barrier for me to continue my physical and chiropractic therapy to get well again. I can manage my pain through healthy living and my goal is to help patients do the same.”
    Dr. Rozana received her Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Central Florida and her Doctor of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic.  She is board certified in Florida, Virgina and the District of Columbia in chiropractic physical therapy, rehabilitative fitness training. Her specific specialty is structural and functional medicine to get patients well.   Come meet the Doctor!



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  • "I have been seeing Dr. Jenkins for acute and chronic symptoms for the past two months. He is absolutely amazing. I saw many doctors before him and he is the first and only one to make a huge difference in my overall wellbeing. He is hands-down the best chiropractor I've ever seen. He is truly gifted and his expertise is unparalleled. He gives you his complete attention and dedication and is compassionate. I feel so blessed to have found him."
    S.G. Washington, DC

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